Filing Systems with Color Coding Saves Time with a filing conversion to End Tab

Why Color Coding for your filing system and why a filing conversion to end tab filing?
Misfiles cost your business over $100 each, which will help justify your Filing Systems management software. Studies have shown that the average filing system has between 2% to 4% of their filing system misfiled.


Alphabetic misfile is shown in this filing system. The color coding block is broken. Filing systems that function better save staff 30% to 40% of their time and have an easy Return On Investment (ROI) analysis.


Terminal digit and Numeric misfile color coding shows the misfile as well. Design an alphabetic or numeric label design to fit your filing systems specific need.


According to the missing record will cost your organization a large amount of money and headaches. Let our team perform a filing conversion for you that will pay for itself very quickly.
Why a Conversion? – Proven to find your information 30-40% more efficiently, and will virtually eliminate misfiles.

Before Converting Files

filing_confusion_and_clutter_before_conversion misfiles_cost_the_company_money





After Converting Files








Why A Working Folder? – Divisions within the folder keeps information organized and allows you to find it quickly and accurately. Customize the outside with your logo and confidentiality statements, the inside with common forms you include in each file, and label the divisions to make sense for your business fit. Printing and divisions are included.

Working Folders

working_folders_-_filing_conversions working_folders_-_file_conversions_2

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