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Moveable Wall System Features

HD Files provides a Non-Progressive Moveable Wall System that is only made up of 8 pieces. Our motto is to create a Moveable Wall that is Simple, Aesthetic, Flexible, and Economical (SAFE). Some of the features of our moveable walls include:

  • Plug and Play Data and Power System
  • The ability to flip a panel over if it is damaged or scratched without disassembling the entire wall.
  • The ability to provide adjustable turns in the Moveable Wall with 15 degree adjustability.
  • Adjustable in height and width.
  • Floor to ceiling walls or freestanding walls
  • Bi-Block construction with different finishes on two different sides of the wall if desired.
  • Panels (solid or glass) up to 10′ wide x 5′ tall in the DIVA line
  • Install 30 linear feet per day (usually goes in faster than other walls in the industry) making a faster relocation and a faster installation.
  • Horizontal or Vertical Panels available.

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